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Buses on Screen celebrates buses as they've been depicted on screen over the years, on film, on TV, in screen advertising, even in music videos. This is the perfect meeting of a great form of public transport and one of the great mediums of mass communication!

What's listed here?
All sorts of feature films, televison shows, TV and cinema adverts Including public information films), music videos, short films, even cinema newsreels. There's also a page for sightings that haven't been fully identified yet. (Everyday news items are not usually recorded, unless of special interest).

Latest sightings:

23 January 2021: Arthur? Arthur! (1969, Donald Pleasance, Shelley Winters et al)):- Leyland Leopard in Pan Am livery.

23 January 2021: Cripple Children at Gorleston (c1938):- Eastern Counties AEC Regal.

22 January 2021: Bridge of Song (1955, British Transport Films):- a whole host of London Transport AEC RTs.

22 January 2021: Bloodride (Netflix horror anthology, 2020):- Norwegian Leyland Royal Tiger.

22 January 2021: A Star is Born (1955, Judy Garland, James Mason):- Flxible Clipper.

12 January 2021: Supergran (Tyne Tees children's series, 1985-6):- Tyne and Wear Leyland Atlantean.

12 January 2021: Badger Girl (BBC children's drama series, 1984):- Fiat 60F10/Caetano.

2 January 2021: Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello):- Beck Mainliner.

2 January 2021: Ella Fitzgerald: Just One of Those Things (BBC documentary,2020):- Beck Mainliner in a clip from Ride 'Em Cowboy.

2 January 2021: Freewheelers (Southern TV children's series, 1968-73):- Bedford OB FJB267.

2 January 2021: Worzel Gummidge (BBC children's series, 2019-):- Plymouth Leyland Titan.

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