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About Buses on Screen

Buses on Screen celebrates buses as they've been depicted on screen over the years, on film, on TV, in screen advertising, even in music videos. This is the perfect meeting of a great form of public transport and one of the great mediums of mass communication!

If you've sung along with Cliff Richard in 'Summer Holiday', or you've thrilled to Sandra Bullock's driving in 'Speed', if you've ever wondered what happened to that bus on the side of the mountain in 'The Italian Job', or been amazed by Harry Potter's triple decker bus, well......that's just the start. (We didn't mention 'On The Buses', did we?)

This website aims to chronicle all those buses and more; it's the ultimate fusion of bus enthusiasm and film and TV trivia.
Have you seen a bus on screen? Have you provided a bus for filming? You can help this project grow - submit your sightings, no matter how obscure, how half-forgotten.
If you can't remember all the details, don't worry about it - someone else will!

Many people have contributed to Buses on Screen over the years, and I am indebted to them. I'd especially like to thank: Bob Wingrove, Leon Daniels, Dean Sullivan, Peter Hendy, John Wakefield, Roger Thiedemann, Graeme Selway, Peter Tulloch, Daniel Dey, stronghold, Chris Hough and Carlos Wallberg.

The purpose of this website is to entertain, amuse and educate. Many of the vehicles seen here can only now be seen in the footage reported. The text is mine, or that of the many contributors to the site. All the visual footage referred to remains the copyright of its respective owners.

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All the movies, TV programmes and clips referred to remain the copyright of their respective owners, and no infringement is intended by reproducing screen captures on this website.
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