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British Telecom

An advertisement for broadband features a Hong Kong tram.

A September 2002 advert for BT's then patchily available broadband service includes a glimpse of a parked white/grey Plaxton bodied coach.
A second advert shows a (CGI) rhinoceros landing on a car and ramming the coach (an interior shot shows startled schoolchildren) leaving dents in the side. (thanks Stephen Osman)

Deregulation of telephone directory enquiries in the UK brought some utterly idiotic adverts to British television. Belatedly BT got in on the act, and this ad has two Stagecoach saloons, one an Alexander ALX-bodied vehicle in the livery current in 2003, the other probably a Plaxton Pointer-bodied step-entrance Dennis Dart in the original Stagecoach livery.

A 2010 entry in a series of ads about a dysfunctional family features a Go Ahead singledecker:
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