A number of distinctive TV adverts have marketed this brand of lager over the years.

A man sitting in a restaurant eats a bus. The kitchen staff are seen dismantling a red AEC Routemaster.
The rear registration plate is indistinct and the front one not seen, but 86 is wound up on the side destination screen.
The ad dates from around 1989 and has comedy duo Mark Arden and Stephen Frost (alias the Oblivion Boys) revising the classic punchline 'I bet he drinks - eats - Carling Black label'.

A Carling advert that features Gary Numan's single 'Cars' also features a light blue minibus seen side on.

A 2003 advert for a cinema tickets giveaway features a green/cream MCW Metrobus.

"Two men race each other home from work in Newcastle. One travels on the Tyne and Wear Metro, the other hops onto preserved ex-Shaw Brothers Guy Arab IV/Massey UFJ292" (thanks Stephen Osman). This 1957-built Arab was originally Exeter Corporation 52. The bus is never seen clearly in the advert screened in 2005:
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