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PPPPick up a Penguin
Scot Fergie discovers a curious advert: "Just been watching out of the corner of my eye, 'Never Had it so Good' - a Matthew Kelly-fronted nostalgia quiz show: as one of the questions they showed an old 'PPP-Pick up a Penguin' ad, which featured a flock of (real) penguins boarding what was undoubtedly an Edinburgh Corporation/Lothian Region Seddon Pennine IV/236 - white uppers and madder skirt.
A shot near the end reveals the first letter of the number plate as 'B' - from the BWS 102-105L batch from 1973. Also on the shot of the rear end can be seen a rear ad which starts with the letters 'Sco..'((Scotland/Scottish...)? A side shot of the bus pulling up was judiciously edited just as the ECT or LRT crest would have come into shot. The background architecture of the ad looks nothing like Edinburgh though - it looks like a row of inter-war English terraces! Was the ad maybe made in Manchester when one of these vehicles was on loan to GMT? The year being discussed may have been 1978, which would make it bit late for the loans. Maybe it was shot in 1973/4 and still being shown in 1978? Too many questions, no answers."

However - Scot further comments: "On second thoughts - Edinburgh Zoo has a big penguin colony, whereas I think Manchester has none? It's the buildings in the background that throw me. Ravelston Dykes or thereabouts?" Somebody please help!
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