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The Baim Collection
Richard Jeffs has kindly allowed me access to a selection of films from The Baim Collection, and some screen captures are presented here. Harold Baim was a director, producer, writer and producer of short films between 1946 and 1983. There are over one hundred 35mm short films in the collection, originally made for release in the British cinema, and a couple of feature films. The collection holds unique images of Britain as well as a selection of international travel films. Nearly all of the surviving films are in colour; more than fifty of the titles are available on BETA SP tape. They are a fascinating source of illustrative colour material for general programme makers, entertainment producers, historians and documentary makers. These films are informative guides to Britain's cities and towns; they are also a product of their time, a snapshot of British life. We see busy streets with motorcars, trucks and buses going about their business, and we see ordinary people at work and play.
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