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Adventures of a Private Eye (1977, Christopher Neil, Suzy Kendall)
Rubbish film, but has some very nice footage of a London Transport Leyland-National.
Early footage shows a number of passing Routemasters both directly and reflected in shop windows:
The chase involving the National is oddly shot, moving as it does in seconds from Central London and a passing Routemaster to a suburban street in West London:
The Leyland-National was largely supplied in heavily standardised liveries, and allover LT red was (and is) pretty drab, but LS14 (KJD514P) looks very smart indeed brand new with its Leyland badges and clean lines. It looks fantastic next to the AEC Swift in front. Just visible in front is a DMS-type Daimler Fleetline, and another parked behind can be seen reflected in the National's rear windscreen. As the bad guys follow, another RM passes at speed:
At a wild guess, this bus is heading home to Hounslow garage!
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