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The Alf Garnett Saga (1972, Warren Mitchell, Dandy Nichols)
Lumbering second movie based on the controversial character of Alf Garnett, and seeing Garnett and his wife relocated from their old home into a new tower block. Although ostensibly this is in the East End, most of the filming was in Hemel Hempstead - which explains the number of London Country buses that appear. I'd welcome confirmation as to where the Green Line AEC RF is parked, also what the blue and grey single decker in the background is:

London Country MB290, a 1968 AEC Merlin/MCW, was a Hemel Hempstead based bus throughout its operational life:

London Transport RTL1557 (OLD666) was much filmed after retirement from LT, and appears again here:

Remaining buses are incidental - a distant London Transport DMS class Daimler Fleetline:

....a Green Line AEC RF:

....and two AEC Routemasters (an RM and an RML) outside the West Ham football ground, Upton Park:

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