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The Big Bus (1976, Joseph Bologna, Stockard Channing)
It's big, alright - it's enormous. This disaster film parody centres on a nonstop nuclear-powered bus that features a swimming pool and a bowling alley among its onboard facilities. However, the first bus we see is a much smaller shuttle, a Chance RT:

There's also a small school bus, fleet number 34, not seen clearly:

Carlos Wallberg notes several Eagle Model 01 with the 'Coyote Lines' fleetname:

.....but they are dwarfed by the Big Bus itself:

Don't expect to see these beauties on the streets of London any time soon - think of all the red paint:
The bus's misadventures include surviving an 'Italian Job' style balancing act on a mountainside. Yes, that's a truck sticking out of it - and ultimately the front and the rear separate:

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