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Big Time Movie (2012, Big Time Rush)

Boy band Big Time Rush translated from television to a feature film, trying to be zany, but the Monkees they're not. The whole sorry enterprise is cheap and nasty. The London scenes are shot in Canada, so the 'London' buses have been rustled up from what was available: two AEC Routemasters and a Daimler Fleetline, plus what might be a Leyland Titan.

Backdrop for this scene is provided by Horizon Tours D252, a Daimler Fleetline/Roe, new as Derby Corporation 240 (CRC252J), and another Horizon vehicle, possibly 82, a 1960 former St Helens Corporation Leyland Titan PD2/30 with East Lancs body:
Better views of D252, which also appears in Primeval: New World:

They've tried really hard to evoke London's streets:
The Fleetline and the Routemasters appear in a sloppily edited chase scene. The two RMs have offside entrances fitted. The red one is from Horizon Tours, the pink bus one of seven painted thus for the Big Pink Bus:

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