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Billy Liar (1963, Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie)
Numerous Bradford buses can be seen as Courtenay walks through the city centre (thanks Roy Peploe). Sadly although there is interesting footage showing the rebuilding of the city, and the trolleybus wires are clearly visible, you don't see the buses clearly. Here a motorbus and then a trolleybus are seen at the top of the hill:

Sometimes buses are seen as reflections, or as a backdrop to the action:

Chris Hough adds, "Some of the fantasy shows a defeated army being marched into captivity past Billy. It was suggested locally at the time that the extras were off duty Leeds City Transport bus crews in their normal uniforms 'marching' through a redevelopment area. Indeed my father (a guard in local parlance) always said that he had taken part." Does this comment refer to this scene?
Rog Ingle notes "one of the ex London Transport RTs (Bradford batch 401-425)....with completely the wrong sound effects. Not sure what they used in the film but it was not an RT." The bus in question is Bradford 421 (HLX235), which had been London Transport RT418:

As 421 passes, there's a glimpse of a Bradford trolleybus at the foot of the hill:
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