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The Black Windmill (1974, Michael Caine)
"Includes YNM 982L, a Ford R226/Duple Dominant coach of Eastonways, Ramsgate, with Michael Caine hiding on the back seat when coming through Customs after unloading from a hovercraft." (thanks Mervyn Askew)

The sequence is memorable for its depiction of the HoverLloyd hovercraft service to Ramsgate, through some strange editing it actually features three of the six SRN4s built. The interiors, including the car deck, are of GH-2004 'Swift', the exterior views show the 'Swift', GH-2005 'Sure' and GH-2008 'Sir Christopher'. The editing is such that as the coach is guided down the ramp from the 'Sir Christopher', the 'Sir Christopher' is also seen arriving in the background!
This is the 'Swift' as it approaches:
As it lands it metamorphoses into the 'Sure':

....but as the doors open it becomes the 'Sir Christopher'....
....and as the coach is guided down the ramp, the 'Sir Christopher' lands in the background....
Soon after this comes a sequence with Caine and co-star Janet Suzman riding London Transport AEC Routemaster RM151 (WLT151) on route 88:

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