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Brannigan (1975, John Wayne, Richard Attenborough)
Scenes at London Heathrow Airport include a British Airways liveried Plaxton-bodied Leyland Leopard. A more distant view is of two British Airways Routemasters,one still in orange BEA livery, and two red Willowbrook-bodied saloons. I believe these are Ford R1014s but would welcome confirmation! One of them is later seen briefly reflected in a window:

A London Transport AEC Merlin is seen out of an office window behind Richard Attenborough:
An unidentifiable AEC Routemaster follows a car driven by Judy Geeson in which Wayne is a passenger.
London street scenes including a stakeout in Piccadilly Circus yields footage of passing RM and RML AEC Routemasters and odd DMS Daimler Fleetlines. Clearly seen are RM145 (WLT145) and RM1213 (213CLT), the latter carrying running plate 2 from Camberwell garage:

Also glimpsed is another DMS:
....one of two Green Line Leyland-Nationals:
....more Merlins and a Harrington Cavalier-bodied coach in National Express livery:
....a World Wide Mercedes O.302 coach:
....and a blue/white Plaxton Elite bodied coach:
The film is also notable for Wayne apparently auditioning for 'The Professionals', hurtling round London at the wheel of a Ford Capri, and the appearance of a Ford Consul car NHK293M, a near relation of NHK295M, probably the best-known car used in 'The Sweeney'.
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