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Brighton Rock (1947, Richard Attenborough)
Early in the film an unidentifiable Southdown Guy Arab doubledecker appears:
We also see nearside and rear views of Brighton Corporation 67 (FUF67), a 1939 AEC Regent/Weymann on service 40B boarded by Fred Hale (Alan Wheatley) on the run from the villains.
Colin Read notes two other buses at the station in this scene, one being a trolleybus, the other AEC Regent GN6208:
"In a poor piece of continuity we then have a front view of Brighton Hove and District AEC Regent/Beadle 6235 (GP6235) heading in the same direction and purporting to be the same bus. Our passenger then alights from no. 67."
6235 was originally Tilling-bodied with an open rear staircase. It was rebodied by Beadle with a closed staircase in 1944 and continued in use until 1954.
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