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A Bronx Tale (1997, Robert de Niro)
De Niro is the driver of green/cream 'Surface Transportation' Old Look 7141 on Route 12 (City Island), there is interior and exterior footage:

Also seen passing is similar 1302:

In one exquisite shot 7141 is seen in passing through the windows of 1302:
Later in the movie De Niro drives black/silver GM New Look 3134 on the same route: (from observation by myself and Jim O'Malley)

Alan Aron comments: "Of course the two buses would be on the same route because the movie progresses from the late 50's into the late 60's as the young man 'C' ages. The movie supposedly is based on DeNiro's life, with De Niro playing his father. If you look carefully they actually used two different New Looks. At one point 'C' gets on the New Look and sits directly behind his father. He turns to look toward the back of the bus and sees the young black girl he falls in love with for the first time. If you freeze the film when she looks back at him, and look at the rear of the bus you will see a line in the middle of the window.

This indicates that the bus has an air-conditioning unit. When the kid gets off the bus, that vehicle has no a/c unit. Funny thing about this movie, several scenes were filmed in Queens, not The Bronx. The scenes in and around the high school were actually filmed at William C. Bryant High School in Astoria Queens, not The Bronx."

The New Look seen in the movie is a model T6H-4521. A T6H-5309A would be strictly accurate! It was noted on the BusTalk forum that De Niro's uniform is authentic; it was loaned to him by a retired busman from the Bronx.
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