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Care of the Homeless (1965 UK public information film)
UK Civil Defence training film illustrates, using the city of Bath, procedures involved in setting up of rest centres and billeting of the homeless in the event of nuclear war. There is a dramatisation of the last stage before a possible nuclear attack on Britain and the actions taken to ensure the safety of people made homeless by the explosion, and then after the explosion, in Bristol. There's a distant (and very rare) glimpse of the Trojan minibus used on the Bath Spa tour at the time:
A fleet of buses are shown on standby at a racecourse (presumably Bath) ready for evacuation of a town, including Bristol Ls, LWLs, LSs, Ks and Lodekkas:
Included are Bristol Tramways 2871 (SHT344), a Bristol LS/Eastern Coachworks; Bristol Tramways 2814 (NHY946), a Bristol LWL6B/Eastern Coachworks; Bristol Tramways C2733(LHY973), a Bristol L/Eastern Coachworks:
Then they're seen going into action.
The most significant appearance is this - Bristol L8133 (PHW958) was the first production Bristol Lodekka, which spent most of its working life in Bath:
(Screencaps by Bob Wingrove, research by Bob and myself)
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