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Carry On Admiral (1957, David Tomlinson, Peggy Cummins, Brian Reece)
Despite the title this is not one of the Carry On series of films. Although part of it was filmed in Portsmouth, and despite the presence of a Beadle-bodied Southdown Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2, the 'deckers here are Maidstone and District......both Stuart Turner and Allan Haynes have suggested Chatham dockyard as the location. First thought on the lead vehicles was one of the 1948 batch of KKK-registered Bristol K6A/Weymanns, however Allan suggests it's more more likely to be one of the 1944-1945 HKE registered austerity Bristol K6As, rebodied from 1951 by Weymann. "The last ones to be rebodied in 1954 got 7' 6" Orions, this one was luckier! The second one with the painted radiator may be one of the Weymann-rebodied wartime Guy Arabs. These were all based at Gillingham, so this leads me to conclude that the scene was shot at Chatham Dockyard. I gather there was a Royal Marines Band at Portsmouth in 1957, as well as at Deal. So fairly certainly the Band has arrived on the Southdown Beadle."
In the screencap we see civilians around the coach - presumably then the director had taken advantage of it being there to use it as a prop.
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