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The Clouded Yellow (1951, Trevor Howard, Jean Simmons, Kenneth More)
Robert Wyburn notes "A British detective film with exceedingly slow 1950s action which I saw in 1976 (!). To pad out the 'action' we follow someone from South London to a Newcastle-upon-Tyne suburb. He boards a London RT to get him to Morden, and we see him boarding a pre-1923 stock tube train to get him to King's Cross (I think the main part of the Northern Line was 100 per cent 1938-stock by then). He then boards the Flying Scotsman (or other express) of which we see aerial shots on its journey to Newcastle. Here he catches an electric train to a suburban station from which he catches a BUT trolleybus." This glimpse shows two London Transport RTs in traffic:
Colin Read comments "Superb thriller with Trevor Howard. A brief scene in a Newcastle bus station." Seen therein is SML399 of Valliant Coaches of London W5 (1947 Leyland Tiger/Strachan), but the double decker will remain unknown. I'd suggested it was from Newcastle Corporation, but David Wilkin comments: "the Newcastle Bus Station is in fact the old Haymarket Bus Station which has now been demolished. It consisted of approx five lengthy runs with approx four or five individual bus stops along each length. Only the first stand nearer to Percy Street, on the left of the picture, was occupied by Newcastle Corporation Transport buses and the rest was used by United Automobile Services. Therefore the bus in question was owned by United not Newcastle Corporation." Alan Walker corrects this: "I am afraid it is not correct to say that the Haymarket bus station was not used by Newcastle Corporation and only by United Automobiles. The picture itself shows a notice indicating the stand for joint Corporation-Tynemouth and District services. From its white/cream upper deck the vehicle in question is almost certainly a Tynemouth bus on route 11 to Tynemouth."
The stars board Newcastle trolleybus 483 (LTN483) on the old Great North Road (thanks David Wilkin), a Q1 type BUT 9641T with MCCW bodywork on service 31B to Gosforth.
Colin also notes the "Absolutely superb offside view of Cumberland Leyland Tiger no 257 (GAO517) in a Lake District scene."
The Bedford OB/Duple that appears later Bob Tibble identifies as 1947-built Windsorian DMO249. In fact two coaches appear in this view, this is the first, unidentified, but Bob suggests this is another Windsorian coach, this time a Dennis Lancet of similar vintage:
....while we see DMO249 front and back. Note the 'Lancastrian' fleetname appears to have been added over the owner's badge. Bob observes, "The logo on the side under the paper fleetname looks just like Windsorian's, being a rectangular box with a triangle in the centre."
There is also a brief appearance by this (Newcastle?) tram:
(screencaptures courtesy of stronghold)
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