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The Dancing Masters (1943, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy)
Towards the end of the film the duo ride upstairs on a double deck bus:
The lady driver is frightened by an apparently rabid dog.
Actually, it's eaten one of her cream cakes and got cream around its mouth, but driver, conductress and passengers all jump off, except for Ollie and Stan:
Noticing the erratic progress of the bus, Stan ventures downstairs and takes the wheel - upstairs to Ollie when it comes off in his hands:
Stan eventually falls off, but Ollie is still trapped aboard when the bus ends up riding The Cyclone Racer, a rollercoaster ride in Longbeach, California, then flying through the air:

The Cyclone Racer was one of the most famous rides of
its time, and also featured in 'Strike Me Pink' (Eddie Cantor) and 'Abbott and Costello in Hollywood'.

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