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Derby Day AKA Four Against Fate (1952, Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding et al)
Drama about different folk travelling to the Epsom Derby by different means of transport, which is intercut with documentary-style footage of the event itself,presumably from 1951.
Lots of blurred vehicles moving too quickly to be identified for sure, but this is London Transport Green Line RF93 (LYF444)
Buses in traffic are also too distant to identify:
Burlingham bodied, but no front badge on this fully fronted coach:
London Transport: a late model AEC STL, a Leyland RTW, RTW329 (KXW429), and a trio of Leylands:
Leyland Tiger:
A fully fronted AEC, probably a Regal III:
Anonymous interior with back projection:
I believe this is Homeland Tours HRK906, a Leyland Comet CPO2 with Strachan coachwork:
One of a large batch of AEC Regal O662s with Windover body new to Timpson of London in 1947:
Blurred London Transport AEC STL:
Leyland Royal Tiger:
Commer Commando:
Views of the parked coaches around the course:
....and the starter climbs the steps to set the Derby running:
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