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D O A (1949, Edmond O'Brien)
Has excellent views of then new trolleybuses in Los Angeles, and PCC cars on LA's Seventh Avenue. (+Colin Read)
Screenshots and comments by Graham:
"These shots are from the sequence set and - clearly - filmed in San Francisco. Our hero has just been told he has been poisoned and has a couple of days left, so he runs around San Francisco a bit - as you do." IMDB.com notes that this was filmed on the street among ordinary passers by.
"With this shot we are in Los Angeles. Unravelling why he was poisoned, Steady Eddie has upset the bad guys and makes his escape on this bus. From the shade of colour and the shape of the logo and the little I know of Los Angeles buses I think it is a Los Angeles Railway vehicle. It wasn't until 1958?? that the LA Metropolitan Transit Authority took control of both Pacific Electric and Los Angeles Railway streetcars and buses."
"This shows the real interior - we see several shots as the bad guys cruise alongside in their Buick. The number of the bus appears to be 5043 and the main destination is LOS ANGELES."
"Finally, this has the same bus pulling up. Don't worry, Ed escapes to drop dead in the police station."
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