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The Dressmaker (1988, Jane Horrocks, Joan Plowright, Billie Whitelaw)
Set in wartime Liverpool; features ex-Liverpool Corporation AEC Regent II/Weymann-Liverpool A433 (GKD434) (built 1946!) in a number of scenes. Several others are seen, filmed outside Seacombe ferry terminal where the bus station still has cobbles. (thanks CCR)
Jonathan Cadwallader explains, "I was contacted by a member of the production company's staff and asked for assistance in finding suitable buses for use in this film. I approached the owners of RN7588 (Ribble 209), a 1935 Leyland Tiger TS7 with 1949 Burlingham body and RN8622 (Ribble 2057), a 1939 Leyland Titan TD5 with 1949 Alexander body, being the earliest Ribble vehicles available, although the film was set during World War II. These are the two buses that appeared in the film. One scene involved a journey out of Liverpool to the North, which in reality would have involved a Ribble vehicle. However, the producers chose to use a Liverpool Corporation bus as they felt that a red bus would make viewers think that it was London! I did explain that red buses existed in many places outside London but to no avail. So the Ribble vehicles were limited to the scene shot at the Seacombe Ferry terminal which was doubling as a Liverpool bus station. 209 and 2057 are both now in the care of the Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust."
Jonathan supplied this recent photograph of 2057:
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