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Enigma (2001, Dougray Scott, Kate Winslet)
World War 2 drama about codebreaking at Bletchley Park: at least two roofbox London Transport AEC Regent III RTs appear in the opening and closing scenes in Trafalgar Square.
Premier of Watford's 1948(!) red/cream Leyland Tiger PS1/Burlingham ENT778 and a dark blue Bedford OB (another anachronism) appear as staff transport outside Bletchley Park. The Tiger is later seen outside the railway station. Phil Groocock reports the OB as Leathers Coaches GWV101, built 1949. James Annetts at Mervyns Coaches kindly confirms that GWV101 was indeed the Bedford OB seen at Bletchley Park. He also notes similar Bedford OB HOD75 "was also used during the filming of the shots where the staff changed over, but the director decided that the shot looked too busy with three vehicles, and so had me reverse out of shot onto the cutting room floor."
HOD75 went on to appear in the later Bletchley Park drama The Imitation Game.
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