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Final Destination (2000, Devon Sawa, Ali Larter)
As students arrive at John F Kennedy Airport airport the coaches they arrive on cannot be seen clearly. As the airliner takes off - and explodes - bizarrely, photographs of two trolleybuses can be seen at the back of the observation lounge: One is a single deck Glasgow Corporation BUT ETB1.
The other is a London Transport 'Diddler' AEC 663T:
One of the surviving students is mown down by a passing transit bus. In a premonition it is seen first only as a reflection in a window.
When the actual collision occurs it is a blur of white, red and blue, so there is NO chance of an id! The final scene shows a character avoiding a repeat of the collision. The scene is set in France and the filmmakers have gone to much trouble to show a Citroen 2CV, a DS and a Renault 5 in the shot, but the bus is an American Orion V.
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