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Forrest Gump (1994, Tom Hanks)
The main story of the film is framed by Forrest Gump sitting waiting at a bus stop. Unfortunately the buses passing are never seen clearly! During Forrest's childhood there is a glimpse of a GM Silversides, also this Chevrolet school bus:
"There is a scene when Forrest Gump is in Washington DC to meet President Kennedy and he runs into his love Jenny. She is a hippy and Forest is a prim and proper soldier. In part of that scene, Forest gets into an argument with a friend of Jenny's. This takes place alongside a GM Old Look Model TDH 4515. In the background is the back of a Scenicruiser and a Flxible New Look (non - airconditioned)." (thanks Alan Aron)
....and the movie closes with another school bus....
(Thanks to Sue Harris for the screen captures)
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