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The Franchise Affair (1950, Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray)
Features the AEC Regal IV prototype UMP227 on the forecourt of the former St Albans garage, with a 4Q4 AEC Q parked outside. (thanks Colin Read). Bob Wingrove supplied these screencaps, and notes the movie "revolves around the courtroom where the lawyer discovers that the normal bus (a single decker)was replaced by a double decker and the witness could see over the wall, which is how she can describe the house so accurately despite it being surrounded by a high stone wall. The single decker is a pre-war Bedford, (WTB?) but what's really nice is he goes to the Larborough and District bus company which is none other than St Albans LT garage. On the forecourt is the Bedford and alongside is the prototype AEC Regal IV UMP227! (This only ever operated from St Albans). You can also see a Green Line AEC Q and some STL's in the back of the garage.   Later in the film there is a far away glimpse of a roof box RT." UMP227 had Park Royal bodywork and was the forerunner of London Transport's RF class. It is now with the London Bus Preservation Group.
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