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The Ghost Train (1941, Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch)
Film version of the celebrated play by Arnold Ridley of 'Dad's Army' fame.
Mike Penn notes, "a sequence involving a small 'country bus' although I've no idea what type. The registration number appears to be UU6101. It has fleet names for 'The Fal Traction Co. Ltd' which may or may not be genuine as the film was set in Cornwall.
It has longitudinal seats for about 14 with the entrance in the rear bulkhead. Inside, on the front bulkhead, is the legend 'Route 25' and 'F.R. 791'."
- fascinating detail which may mean something to somebody:
The station is 'Fal Vale Junction' ostensibly on the line to Truro; IMDB quotes two Welsh filming locations, however this was wartime, and <a href= "http://www.kjenkins49.fsnet.co.uk">The Missing Link describes how most of the film was actually studio shot at Lime Grove studios. (This would explain the London registration, but can anyone help?)
Mike Lloyd adds: "When I saw the film I was watching the locos, the 'same' train, allegedly, changes engines three or four times during its journey." An earlier film version of the play in 1931 starred Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge, but the first (silent) version was released in 1927.
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