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Hanover Street (1979, Harrison Ford, Lesley-Anne Down)
Set mostly in 1943 London; Mike Lloyd observes this "includes a 'pre-war' RT which gets bombed and burnt out. It was actually an RTL in disguise. Sadly, the vehicle really was actually destroyed in the filming, and efforts to buy the carcass for parts came to nothing."
Identified by Colin Read as RTL1298 (LYR932).
The opening to the movie features two AEC RTs, and one or the other appears occasionally throughout. This is the only time they're seen together!
RT191 (HLW178), new in 1947, does the majority of the work.
The second RT isn't clearly seen, and I don't yet have a definitive ID for it.
The side fleetnumber is blurred; the brief view of the rear number plate suggests an FXTxxx registration, but this doesn't match the front view, as FXTxxx would belong to a 2RT2 'prewar' RT with a 'droopy' front windscreen. I'm open to suggestions!
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