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Hell Drivers (1957, Patrick MacGoohan, Stanley Baker)
Although set in Lancashire/Yorkshire Jon Price notes the opening titles feature a LT Country Area AEC Regal IV RF, parked outside what is identified by Peter Morse as now the Gurkha public house on the old Langley Park Road junction with Wood Lane, Shreding Green, Iver, Buckinghamshire.
Peter adds "The opening scenes where the camera is speeded up were filmed on the old B470 starting in Langley under the low railway bridge, then up and over the Grand Union canal via Trenchers and Hollybush Lanes to where the bus had stopped."
Baker's character visits his mother's shop in London and arrives by trolleybus. (thanks Kim Rennie)
The trolleybus is on route 657 and stops beside Brentford gas works. 1880 (LYH880) was a 1952 Q1 class BUT 9641T with Metro-Cammell body.
The film is also notable in that its stars include three famous 1960s fictional spies: Sean (James Bond) Connery, David (Man from Uncle) McCallum and Patrick (Danger Man/The Prisoner) MacGoohan - with Gordon (Professionals) Jackson for good measure!
Mike Howarth notes the trucks are Dodges.
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