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Inn For Trouble (1960, Peggy Mount, David Kossoff)
Pub manager drums up trade by diverting traffic past his front door. Foden coach HGC215 is stuck in the resulting traffic jam, and the passengers get out for a drink. This rare vehicle was new to Creamline of Bordon. Peter Tulloch comments: "HCG215, chassis no. 28724, Wadhams C33F, new 5/49 to Creamline, Bordon, withdrawn 3/53, sold to Barfoot & Jones, Hanworth (t/a Star Luxury Coaches - fleet no. 24), withdrawn 'by 12/60', no further operator. In the film it would appear to have still been operating for Star Luxury Coaches (see the second photo where their emblem is clearly seen on the side). However, it was by that time carrying a Gurney Nutting body from one of the trio of Glenton Coaches Dennis Lancets (MXB555-7), which had been rebuilt from half cab arrangement to full front by Whitson or MTS & Co. around about 1955. There was a slight difference in style of the rebuilds. The body received by HCG215 was to the MTS & Co. style and came from either MXB555 (confirmed as an MTS & Co. rebuild) or 557 (unconfirmed as MTS & Co.). 556 was definitely a Whitson rebuild. The Glenton Dennis Lancets were rebodied by Plaxton with FC35F bodies in 1958 (MXB555 & 557) or 1959 (MXB556)."
Two other coaches are caught up in the mayhem, and they're seen parked up with HGC215. They are identical Albion FT39s; one is OPB748, the registration on the other is not seen, but it could be OPB749 or OPB750. All three were new to Creamline of Bordon, but by this time these two would have been with Green Luxury Coaches:
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