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The Italian Job (1969, Michael Caine)
A gold bullion robbery in Turin! Part of the team's getaway equipment, less famous than the Minis, is Bedford VAL14/Harrington Legionnaire I ALR453B, lettered for "Croker Coach Tours" (for Michael Caine's character Charlie Croker).
The object of the exercise is to drive the three Minis carrying the gold into the back of the moving coach, unload the gold, dump the Minis, drive home. Easy.
...but things don't go according to plan......
Jon Price also notes "a background shot of a magnificent 3 door, 3 axle Viberti double decker and a tram as well as the Bedford VAL."
"What no-one has mentioned so far is the glimpse in the background, ten minutes into the film, of one of Samuelsons' extremely rare Duple Firefly coaches, one of 448-50 FXX, although you miss it if you blink. The tram referred to by Jon Price is Turin 3132, an approximately 1950 Fiat product subsequently rebodied and in service until very recently." (thanks Mike Lloyd). Nathan Gorton adds that the AEC Reliance/Duple Firefly is glimpsed in the background of Charlie Croker's arrival at the Dorchester Hotel.
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