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Juliet, Naked (2018, Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke, Chris O'Dowd)
Quirky three-way romcom with some interest for the armchair bus enthusiast.
Nice view of Stagecoach East Kent 36868 (GN13EYB), a 2013 ADL E200/Alexander branded for Margate's Loop service:
Representing a scene in the USA, Ensign Bus's preserved MCI MC-9, new to Greyhound subsidiary Kerville Bus Service of Texas in 1982, but now resident in the UK:
London scenes include London General WHV130 (BV66VLM), a Volvo B5LH/Wright, with a similar London United vehicle headingin the other direction:
Stagecoach London ADL E400 12334 (SN64OGG) is passed by a Golden Tours Dennis Trident:
Arriva London LT7 (LTZ1007), one of the earliest Wright NBFLs:
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