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Knock On Wood (1954, Danny Kaye)
Quite a bit of bus interest in this movie, but it's of mixed parentage! The action begins with Parisian buses:
It seems unlikely that Danny Kaye went anywhere near London during the making of the film. We see his double boarding Weymann-bodied London Transport RT3432 (LYR851) on route 29:
....but when we see Kaye himself inside the bus, it's like no RT interior ever seen before!
This looks like RT3432 again:
....but this isn't. It's a prewar 2RT2 type RT:
It's followed by RTL789 (KYY739) on route 9, but the coach behind is not clearly seen before the shot fades out::
Seen next is this double decker, which carries registration plate AYV604, which would identify it as STL446, a 1934 AEC Regent with LPTB body. I'm not convinced it actually is STL446, though. It's shot in a studio and this rear view looks suspicously similar to that of the American fake double decker seen in Darby's Rangers, and also in another Danny Kaye movie,Merry Andrew. STL446 was used for part of its life on route 177, but the blinds seen here for route 177 are mocked up - so was the fake bus dressed to look like STL446? The real STL446 was withdrawn from service in 1953, so could conceivably have been used in this film, but since the fake bus also appears later in the film, I'm open to opinion.
Another RTL then a group of RT family buses:
....and suddenly the fake 'decker appears, as mentioned above:
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