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Last Christmas (2019, Emilia Clarke, Emma Thompson)
Drawing on the song of the same name by George Michael, and you'd have to be a Wham! fan to have much fun with this. THere are however a number of scenes on London streets, particularly shot overnight.
Two out of focus LT class Wright NBFLs:
Here Kate (Clarke) says goodbye to Tom (Henry Golding) before boarding a bus. It's Sullivan Buses E43 (LJ09OKT), a 2009 ADL E400 new to Travel London, and evidently hired for filming, so not really working route 11:
Seen on route N89 is London Central E231 (VX61DSU), a 2012 ADL E40D:
Passing on route N87 is a London Central EH class ADL E400H, while another E class ADL E40D passes on N89, also another ADL on N155:
A distant ADL E40D of London General on route 36, with a Wright bodied Volvo behind:
Clarke rides another Sullivan Buses vehicle. this time blinded for route 23. It's E52 (SN11BNV), a 2011 ADL E400 new to First Capital:
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