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Lost AKA Tears for Simon (1955, David Farrar)
"Semi-documentary style film about the police hunt for a missing/abducted baby interspersed with steps the parents take outside those of the police. In colour and with some woeful acting along the way." (thanks Jon Price) The film has much of interest, including a good selection of Wolseley police cars! The opening scenes feature a London Country Green Line AEC Regal RF among the red London buses:
This Leyland RTL is seen on route 6:
Two more pass on route 73:
Later a roofbox RT passes on route 27:
A further RTL on route 6:
Two RTWs on route 11, one of which is seen here:
A distant green London Country RT is glimpsed, and also what appears to be an Aldershot and District Dennis Falcon.
A scene shot opposite the exit to Victoria Coach Station uses back projection; it shows a Southdown Beadle rebuild leaving the station....
....followed by Midland Red 3349 (KHA349), a BMMO C1:
As the missing child's parents cross the road and enter the station they are nearly run down by NBH496, a full fronted Dennis Lancet of Denham Coaches:
"There is also a good shot of the interior of Victoria from the coach exit which shows a Park Royal bodied coach of East Kent. [identified by Bob Wingrove as a Guy Arab LUF/Duple] and a nice Harrington coach as well as several that cannot be identified clearly." (thanks Jon Price) This screenshot suggests these are three AEC Reliance/Harrington of Maidstone and District:
As the parents then walk across the station NBH496 drives past again on its way out.
To compound this continuity confusion the couple interview a coach driver who says he's about to drive out on the Cambridge service. When we see the Cambridge coach ot on the open roaf it's again NBH496, this time with 'Cambridge' in the destination box!
(Thanks also to Paul Denyer for starting this entry off!)
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