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Mr Bean's Holiday (2007, Rowan Atkinson)
Rob Sissons watched and screencapped this; "having missed his train for reasons too convoluted to mention, Mr Bean boards a Mercedes inter-city coach operated by Cars Lieutaud of Avignon (a large family-owned French operator). He then loses his ticket and has to get off. The registration of the coach boarded by Mr Bean is never seen, but a similar vehicle is parked in front and the number plate - 4170XB84 - is seen through the windscreen of Bean's coach when he pays the driver:
Stranded on a roadside in the middle of nowhere, Mr Bean misses a 1970s Berliet SC10 bus with "Var Mer" fleetnames, as he has managed to lock himself in a wooden shed:
At the very end of the film, Mr Bean walks from the Cannes Film Festival to the beach, looking through the viewfinder of his camcorder and not concentrating on where he is going. He steps off a ledge and walks across several vehicles including a yellow bus, an Irisbus Recreo:
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