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Mutiny on the Buses (1972, Reg Varney)
Stan (Reg Varney) drives ex Eastern National Bristol KSW5G/Eastern Coachworks VNO857 throughout - it carries side adverts for Pontins, prefiguring the setting for the later 'Holiday on the Buses'. Also seen are similar VNO862 and WNO476. A shot of Stan's brother and wife on their motorcycle has an RT and SM of London Transport in the background. 'Town and District' have a Mini van, GJB253C, used as a traffic control vehicle - it is crushed between VNO857 and VNO862:
Later in the movie, the bus company acquires a Metro-Cammell-bodied Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1, NRN607, ex Ribble. Painted red with a Union Flag design it is used for a day tour to Windsor Safari Park. While in the garage, Stan climbs into the back of the bus through the downstairs emergency door. it's clear there is no back seat, and it soon becomes clear why, when the bus stops in the lion enclosure, it's to allow a lion to climb in by the same route!
Also seen is a BMC minibus lettered as a 'Safari Bus'. (from observation by myself and Steven Oliver)
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