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Mystery Men (1999, Hank Azaria, William H Macy)
Has a scene with an unidentified red Bristol Lodekka/Eastern Coachworks, shot in California. Scot Fergie amplifies: "The Lodekka is seen going under an underpass, where the camera tilts up to the diner where the 'Mystery Men' are discussing their dismal career prospects as superheroes. It is red, with white band (a la National Bus Company). It has Cave-Brown-Cave heating ducts either side and a WHITE steering wheel; a one piece (offside) ultimate destinate aperture with the oh so predictable 'Carnaby Street' fake blind balanced by a three track number blind on the nearside. Another clue - the window/destination screen rubbers appear to be WHITE!" I believe it's FEL428D, an FLF6G new in 1966 as Hants and Dorset 1535 (FEL428D), and also seen in Mystery Men (2003):
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