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Not Another Happy Ending (2013, Karen Gillan, Stanley Weber)
Concurrent with her travels in the TARDIS but before joinging the Guardians of the Galaxy, Karen Gillan made this Glasgow s et romcom and is cuteness personified. The plot includes a book launch at the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust's Bridgeton Bus Garage.
Preserved Glasgow Corporation D217 (FYS999) provides the background to the launch. It's a 1959 Daimler CVD6-30 with Alexander body:

Many GVVT vehicles are glimpsed as the scene progresses:

There is a brief panning shot across Glasgow Corporation L163 (SGD65) and open top L108 (FYS8), both Leyland Titan PD2/24s, and there's a scene upstairs on L108:

Later in the film there's a scene of gratuitous nude cooking which also features a Bedford OB - albeit in poster form:
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