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Orders are Orders (1953, Tony Hancock, Peter Sellers et al)
Found by Bob Wingrove (who provided the screen captures); a remake of a 1933 film. Hancock's first feature film is an oddity about a movie company wanting to use an army barracks as the location for a science fiction film, and its soldiers as actors. The base Commander persuades them to use a nearby haunted house instead. It's of interest here because of this futuristic bus:
Bob notes the registration plate as ZD3784 - Martin Ingle comments: "This oddity appears to have been one of the handful of Fordson 7V chassis bodied by Kiddle during 1945/6 for use as crew and passenger buses by BOAC. This particular vehicle was not previously recorded but the Irish registration quoted suggests it was originally based at Foynes, the flying boat base, or Shannon before coming to Heathrow. BOAC vehicles were fairly frequent film stars of course."
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