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Otley (1968, Tom Courtenay)
A sequence early in the movie was shot at Quainton Road station near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. Towards the end of the film, one of the bad guys is run down in a farmyard by (possibly) Bedford SB/Duple ULD814 lettered for 'R E Johnson' of Crawley (on the boot door) and 'ARJAY (Coachtours) Ltd' - it's been suggested the vehicle was supplied by a coach company in the Pinewood area.

I have found a listing which suggests ULD814 as an AEC Reliance/Duple new to Frames Tours, but Jon Price confirms it as a lightweight chassis. However, Stuart Turner notes "There is no doubt that the starring vehicle, ULD814, is in fact an AEC Reliance with a Duple Britannia body - a head-on view confirms this. It is definitely not a lightweight chassis as Britannias were fitted to heavyweights! The driver, Leonard Rossiter, then jumps out of the emergency door, beside the driver's seat and the standard AEC handbrake can be seen to the right of the seat. The livery would suggest that it is one of Jack Crump's at the time, ie black and cream.

Earlier, there is a clip filmed in a coach yard with numerous vehicles lined up. Trouble is that it was filmed at night, however, various body styles are evident.
This could have been a largish operator or even a dealer's yard."
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