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Les Profs 2 AKA Serial Teachers 2 (2015, Kev Adams)
Lamentably bad French 'comedy'. However, there is an bus of interest. XOI2527 was new as Belfast Citybus 2527 in 1982, a Bristol RELL/Alexander (Belfast). By 2007 it had found its way to the yard of Emblings of Guyhirn, but by the time this was filmed it had been sold on to Bus 2 Be of Lobbes in Belgium, who provide buses for events and filming. The plot such as it is concerns a group of misfit French teachers parachuted into England to teach in an exclusive private school. Also with them is Adams' character who is disgused as a school student. He falls in love with a girl at the school and follows her when she catches a bus to London. The bus is, as described, XOI2527. As seen here, though, it carries registration WTU485W, which properly belonged to a former Crosville Bristol VRT. This seems a remarkably precise fake registration, but then photographs online show WTU485W was a a scrap bus that just happened to be parked next to XOI2527 in the Emblings yard. It's easy to speculate as to what happened to the VRT's registration plate......Anyway he chases the bus and struggles to hang onto the back using the fitted grab handles:
The bus arrives in Central London, and can be seen in the company of a Go Ahead Volvo/Wright and an Arriva DAF DB250/Alexander. Note the offside door, which was fitted in Belgium. Also note that for the actor's safety and convenience, the bus now sports a handy platform for him to stand on. It would be churlish of me to mention they've spelt 'Stratford' incorrectly:
The two Borismasters are notable, but Kev, you are getting too old for this role:
Back in the woods at the end of the movie, and in a little bit of movie magic the rear step has disappeared....
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