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Passport to Pimlico (1949, Stanley Holloway)
A number of London Transport types of the period are seen, including RTs, STLs, LTs.
One STL is STL446 (AYV604), a 1934 AEC Regent with LPTB body rebuilt in 1948, possibly after the film was shot.
Two earlier STLs are STL31 (JJ4343), an AEC Regent/LGOC new to London General in 1933, and STL189 (AGX527), a Regent/LGOC new to London Transport later in 1933. Both were transferred to London Transport's Special Events fleet in 1948 and withdrawn for scrap at the end of that year.
STL31 is seen here with a similar bus behind:
This is STL189:
It's not possible to tell whether this is STL31 or its twin:
Seen twice is this AEC Regal/Duple with London Transport relief boards in the window, possibly SWV254:
...another AEC Regal/Harrington, HYN543, of Rickards:
....also a six wheel Albion Valkyrie saloon; Bob Wingrove speculates this could be XS4765 as this was owned by a South London company. Ex Youngs of Paisley, this had a Cowieson body:
Another is this passing coach:
...also a T-class AEC Regal/Weymann:
Note there are also trams passing!
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