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Quick Change (1990, Bill Murray, Geena Davis, Jason Robards, Randy Quaid)
"After a successful getaway after robbing a bank, Murray, Davis and Quaid are, after a series of comic mishaps, trying to get an urban bus to near the airport to effect their escape, unfortunately they end up meeting the most jobsworth driver in the US, who insists on exact fare, not standing forward of the line at the entrance door etc; Philip Bosco has a big role as the driver; many scenes involving him and the vehicle." (thanks Scot Fergie). The bus used was a mid-1970s New Jersey Transit Flxible New Look, painted to match New York City Transit, numbered 7098 and on route 9. The interior retains advertising for New Jersey Transit! Two RTS in New York colours appear - numbered 2307 and 4805.
A police bus also appears in the background of this scene.
Here's Flxible 7098 - about to leave......
Philip Bosco looks at his watch.......and Geena Davis sits near the back of the bus:
Alan Aron adds "The route in question was 'Q-9', not plain #9. This is borne out by a shot of the bus stop sign. Also the routes in NYC are identified as follows:
   A - an M prefix means Manhattan
   B - a Q prefix means Queens (where Kennedy Airport is located)
   C - a B prefix means Brooklyn
   D - an S prefix means Staten Island (also known as Richmond County)
   E - a Bx prefix means "The Bronx".
Philip Bosco, who doesn't look too professional when hunched over the wheel trying to make the bus go faster, has in the last several years acted as a defense attorney on the various versions of the TV Series Law & Order, and does the voiceovers for the Lexus commercials, both on TV and radio."
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