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Ratcatcher (1999, dir Lynne Ramsay)
"In the 1999 film 'Ratcatcher', set in Glasgow, Glasgow's first Leyland Atlantean, LA1, appears in several scenes. This vehicle is preserved in Glasgow's Museum of Transport at the Kelvin Hall. There are interior and exterior scenes of the bus.
The film is set during the national dustmen's strike, which I think was in 1978. At that time, Glasgow's buses were painted in Greater Glasgow PTE livery; I could be wrong, but I don't think any vehicles were left in the old Corporation livery in which LA1 is preserved by then,so it might not be entirely accurate for the period. If I remember correctly, LA1 was no longer in passenger service by 1978, but was used as a driver training vehicle. It was by then twenty years old,having been delivered in 1958, with Alexander bodywork.
In one scene,the front of the bus is clearly seen,with the destination "61-Balmore Road". I don't think the 61 service ever went to Balmore Road; at around 1978,I think it ran between Maryhill and Carmyle. It is still run by First Glasgow with low-floor Wright-bodied vehicles,and has been extended somewhat. It is still an east-west cross-Glasgow route."
(thanks Alan Sinclair) LA1 (FYS998) is a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Alexander body. There are very few clear views of the bus, although surely never can an elderly Leyland Atlantean have been so tastefully photographed.
A number of later Glasgow Atlanteans had Albion badges on the front, but as can be seen, LA1 has an Atlantean badge:
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