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Restless Natives (1985, dir Michael Hoffman)
Two Scottish lads become folk heroes when they take to holding up and robbing tour buses in the Highlands. "The film starred many vehicles, the coaches robbed were Cotters Volvo/Van Hools and Anderson Bus Station which was disguised as "Edinburgh Bus Station" and featured many shots of Central Scottish Dennis Dominators/Dorchesters and Ailsas together with a variety of coaches, I'm sure some Edinburgh Atlanteans were in there too." (thanks Jim O'Donnell) "The main featured coaches were supplied by Cotters of Glasgow, Volvo/Van Hool DGE706 and STT606X (STT in Trathens livery, no fleetnames, but run by Cotters) being notable stars." (thanks Steve)
Cotters Volvo B10m/Van Hool Alizee DGE706 is the first coach to be held up:
Central to the film is similar STT606X.
The lads rob the coach, then come back with a bouquet of heather for the pretty young tour guide:
A third Cotters coach to be held up is NEG322, another Volvo B10M/Van Hool Alizee:
Lots of additional bus interest here: this Edinburgh Corporation Leyland Atlantean/Alexander on route 42 can't be identified:
....but this is 458 (JSG458N)
More unusual is Eastern Scottish S850 (ESC850S), a 1978 Seddon Pennine VII with Alexander body;
Edinburgh Corporation Leyland Olympians appear, including 676, another unidentified, and a blurred glimpse of 709:
There's also an interior view:
In the bus station scenes we see Central SMT C4 (A204UYS), a 1984 Dennis Dorchester/Alexander:
Ellerman Bee Line KVN711W, a 1981 Ford R1114/Plaxton:
Two unidentified coaches with Alexander body are passed by a Western Scottish Volvo B10M, which Malcolm Rennie believes is one of three with Berkhof Emperor bodywork - these were V163 (A312 RSU) and V187/188 (B187/188 CGA);
Central SMT D30 (FGE430X), a Dennis Dominator/Alexander:
...an unidentified bus with Alexander Y bodywork:
In this shot a National Travel Plaxton-bodied coach is parked, probably a Leyland Leopard, while a Leyland Olympian drives down hill and a double decker in allover advertising livery approaches up the hill:
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