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The Return of Sam McCloud (1989, Dennis Weaver)

Spin off from the popular McCloud television series.

For this TV movie Marshal Sam McCloud, now a New Mexico senator, really does visit London, and even the London Transport Museum, although it's a typical US view of Britain at the time, that is factually fanciful.
McCloud makes a telephone call. In background is a London Transport MCW Metrobus; reflected in the telephone box is a Red Arrow Leyland-National 2:
The reflected Red Arrow is followed by a T-class Leyland Titan:
An RML class AEC Routemaster passes:
The action switches to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden:
McCloud meets Dr Stevens behind London Country Area ST821 (GK3192), a 1931 AEC Regent:
They walk forward in front of 1911 London General B340 (LA9928) then the reconstruction of a reconstructed 1829 Shillibeer horse bus:
They stop in front of 1926 NS1995 (YR3844) and 1920 K424 (XC8059)
...then pass in front of ST821 (GK3192) and 1930 LT165 (GK5323)
..followed by 1939 TF77 (FJJ774) and 1931 'Diddler' trolleybus no. 1 (HX2756), plus in the middle 1954 RT4712 (NXP997
Back on the street, London Forest T436 (KYV436X) turns in front of the camera:
Two AEC Routemasters pass the end of the street, and Dr Stevens is seen on the platform of another:
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