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Robinson in Space (1997, dir Patrick Keiller)
Odd documentary-cum-travelogue that will either enthrall you (as it did me) or bore you rigid. This is the second of Keiller's trilogy, the first being London As the eponymous but unseen hero journeys around England we glimpse MCW Metrobuses, a Yorkshire Rider Mk I and a Travel West Midlands Mk II, and Blackpool trams.
The most interesting footage for the bus fan, however, is in Reading, where first a Reading Buses Metrobus then a First Beeline Scania L113CLL/Northern Counties pass the camera, and the front of a second Metrobus is seen as it takes on passengers:
Then two Reading Mainline AEC Routemasters pass eachother, in the company of a Reading Buses DAF SB220/Optare Delta, Reading Buses Metrobus 160 (WRD160T) and Newbury Buses 302 (HMA570T), a Leyland-National new to Crosville.
(sighting suggested and footage provided by e kline; research by myself)
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