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The Rosa Parks Story (2002, Angela Bassett)
Made for TV film depicts the events of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Bill Vandervoort noted on Usenet: "Being a National City Lines property, Montgomery City Lines used GM Old Look buses, which they did correctly use in the movie. I couldn't tell the length of the bus in the movie, but prior to 1955 (when the incident took place), all buses delivered to Montgomery City Lines were short 36 passenger models, although National City Lines could have later shifted buses among the different properties. I don't know about authentic National City Lines paint schemes, having only vague memories of occasionally seeing Kalamazoo City Lines buses as a child in the 1960's.

But in the movie, the driver wore a hat which may have had a National City Lines logo on the badge. And when he made the phone call to the control center to call the police (before radios on buses, of course), the dispatcher was heard answering the phone 'Montgomery City Lines'.

Montgomery City Lines was one of many transit systems converted to buses, after National City Lines acquired the streetcar system from Alabama Power Co. in 1936."
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