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Sabotage AKA A Woman Alone (1936, Sylvia Sydney, Oskar Homolka)
Hitchcock thriller set in the London suburbs. Glimpses of numerous London Transport STs, LTs and STLs. Early night view of a tram with 'Bloomsbury' as its destination:
A man boards an STL, but we don't see more than a fraction of the registration plate - it's Cxx2xx:
A young boy is seen boarding an STL while unwittingly carrying a bomb intended for Piccadilly Circus. The bus shown among the crowds appears to be STL34 on route 6 with garage plate AC, bearing a plate reading 'The Country By Green Line', and the boy boards it.
However, the bus then seen in traffic is STL301 (AUC558), although the interiors are studio shot, presumably at Gaumont British studios in Shepherd's Bush.:
Numerous STs, STLs and LTs are seen during his journey:
One bus identifiable in traffic is STL789 (BXD450):
....but this isn't:
The device then explodes, wrecking the bus. The chassis seen in the aftermath is not an AEC, however, so presumably no STLs were harmed in the making of the film:
Towards the end of the film another bomb destroys a cinema. An STL is seen in the ensuing chaos. We only catch part of the registration plate (599), suggesting it's STL331 (AUC599).
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